ATOL Reporting Accountants

Take the stress out of renewing your annual ATOL licence with the support of our qualified ATOL Reporting Accountants.

As ATOL Reporting Accountants, we specialise in helping travel businesses of all sizes to renew their annual ATOL license and keep their businesses compliant.

Each of our ATOL Reporting Accountants has undertaken the relevant training to meet the requirements of the ICAEW and CAA, so you can be confident your licence renewal is in safe hands with our travel accountancy experts.

From completing financial statements and preparing management accounts to quarterly turnover testing and APC returns, we’ll review and sign off all the relevant information ready for submission, so all you have to do is submit your license application.

Our HWB travel accountancy services

As ATOL Reporting Accountants, we are able to support travel industry businesses in the following accountancy areas:

  • Completing ATOL Regulatory Returns
  • Registration of VAT, TOMS etc
  • Principal v Agency Status in relation to Revenue Recognition
  • Statutory Audit Service (if required by the Regulator)
  • Dealing with Corporation & Personal Taxes
  • R&D Tax Relief
ATOL Reporting Accountants

Why you should trust us with your ATOL reporting

As proud members of the ATOL Reporting Accountants’ Scheme since sector regulatory changes in 2016, each of our CAA trained accountants possesses the knowledge and competencies to perform all aspects of our travel clients’ ATOL reporting.

On top of keeping up-to-date with the latest travel industry regulations, we also invest heavily in our teams’ professional development, ensuring we have all the tools we need to keep your business compliant in this fast-paced and continually evolving industry.

We proactively review and refresh our knowledge of ATOL’s licensing requirements and the processes we use to manage our clients’ reporting, in order to comply with our ongoing requirements as a distinguished member of the ATOL Reporting Accountants’ Scheme.

Helping you to retain your ATOL accreditation

One of our key responsibilities as ATOL Reporting Accountants acting on your behalf is signing off on your license renewal application. In order for us to do this, we’ll need to review the information you submit to the CAA to rubberstamp its accuracy.

As part of this process, you’ll need to supply us with the following documentation:

  • Complete sales records for the financial year. This can be achieved by entering each of your sales invoices into your accounting system. In addition, you should also retain copies of every sales invoice and book confirmation you generate.
  • Your sales records should distinguish between licensable and non-licensable sales, on both a booking and departure date basis . We recommend ensuring that you are using appropriate software that facilitates running reports that easily present the data required, and this is something we can assist with.
  • As well as revenue on both a booking and departure date basis, we will also require details of the passenger numbers attending each trip. A record of the income reported to the CAA on part 1 of your licensing renewal form. This will be used as part of the reconciliation and MUST be accurate.

Support with your ATOL reporting is just a phone call away

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please contact James Flood on 023 8046 1244.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which professional bodies subscribe to the ATOL Reporting Accountants’ Scheme?

Professional accountancy bodies that have signed up to the ARA scheme include the Association of Accounting Technicians, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Association of International Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland, and the Institute of Financial Accountants.


How can I find an ATOL Reporting Accountant?

The CAA holds a centralised set of records of all accountants who are designated ARAs in accordance with the scheme. You can access these records on their website.

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