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Offering Auto Enrolment preparation and support

All UK businesses are now legally required to operate an auto enrolment pension scheme for qualifying employees, comprising of employer and employee contributions. Such requirements bring significant additional financial implications and administration, meaning many employers may need assistance in administering compliance to reduce the overall impact on their business. If you have started your auto enrolment duties and are struggling with the additional burden, we offer fully compliant auto enrolment services to help support you and your business through successful implementation and ongoing compliance.

Alleviate your administrative burden

The execution of auto enrolment involves additional business costs, in the form of pension contributions, as well as demands on resources and time needed to complete ongoing compliance work.

In addition to the increased obligation on payroll, as part of adopting auto enrolment, you will also need to review your contracts of employment and the employee handbook. By trusting in our auto enrolment services we can help to minimise disruptions and alleviate the administrative burden, as well as seeking to reduce the financial impact on your profitability wherever possible.

How does Auto Enrolment work?

Any worker earning over £833 per month or £192 per week and aged between 22 and state pension age must be automatically enrolled by their employer into a pension plan. A worker earning below the lower threshold is also entitled to join the scheme, but you can choose whether to contribute to the pension scheme.

By using our auto enrolment service, you can avoid the complex process of automatic enrolment preparation and concentrate on what you do best – running and growing your business.

Auto Enrolment compliance is key

The legislation for auto enrolment includes strict responsibilities for all UK businesses with high penalties for non-compliance. We understand that when outsourcing tasks such as auto enrolment services, you want an effective, compliant and all-encompassing service and this is how we have developed and deliver our solution.

Our auto enrolment compliance service is compatible with any pension provider. We provide you with employee letters and pension reports in the format required by your provider, making the process quick, easy and hassle-free. Compliance made easy.

Whilst we are not authorised to provide pension advice, we can help with scheme selection and our experts are on hand to support you with setting up your pension scheme and processes.

For further information on the auto enrolment process and compliance of auto enrolment duties, speak to one of our experts today.

Our Auto Enrolment Services solution

Setting up a workplace pension scheme can be complex, time-consuming and costly, even for smaller businesses with fewer employees.

Our payroll team can administer your scheme on your behalf and will maintain the ongoing compliance, liaising directly with your chosen pension provider by uploading the pension data.

We can help:

  • identify who will be affected within your business
  • assist on pension scheme selection and ensure you are set up correctly
  • register your business and scheme with The Pensions Regulator
  • communicate with your staff and keep them up-to-date on your behalf
  • auto enrol eligible staff and new staff joining
  • provide on-going administration of auto enrolment
  • deal with any employees opting out
  • advise on how salary sacrifice can minimise costs
  • forecast the financial impact on your business

Deciding on contribution levels is something that we can advise upon by looking at the financial impact upon your business whilst ensuring you are meeting the criteria set out by auto enrolment regulations.

There may also be other complex issues to be addressed that we can advise upon, such as high staff turnover, staff on zero hours contracts, internationally mobile staff, or workers whose employment status is unclear.

Whatever the scenario our auto enrolment experts are experienced and can help talk you through the impact on your business and advise on the best route forward.

To book a free consultation with one of our auto enrolment experts, please contact James Alesbury on 023 8046 1222.

We have established a strategic alliance with a firm of Independent Financial Advisors who are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Personal financial and pension planning matters will be referred to them to help you preserve and enhance your wealth.

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