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Payroll Services from HWB

Are you in search of payroll services that are accurate, flexible, responsive, speedy and reliable?

Can your current payroll function be affected by staff illness, holidays or lack of resource?

As specialist payroll providers, our fully managed services deliver on every level. We have a long-standing pedigree in delivering bespoke and fully-managed payroll functions for organisations of all sizes and have in-depth specialist knowledge of payroll-related tax laws, employment regulations, and latest government legislation.

Our payroll services include:

  • PAYE, NI and tax calculations
  • Applying all adjustments (SSP, Parental leave, BIK, student loan repayments, etc)
  • Auto Enrolment of pensions
  • Employee statutory pension notices
  • Electronic Payslips
  • Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC
  • End of year P60 and required P45s
  • Preparation and submission end of year FPS (and EPS if required).

Why choose HWB’s payroll service?

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Payroll on time every time

Reduce your risk of penalties

GDPR compliant

UK Manager

Dedicated UK-based Payroll Manager

Countless combined years of payroll experience

Up-to-date with legislation

Continual investment in our qualified team of highly skilled individuals

cloud payslip

Cloud-based payslip software

Online software for staff to view payslips, P60s, P45s and auto enrolment notices

Associated Services

Associated services

Tax Advice

VAT Returns

Auto Enrolment

Return of expenses and benefits forms (P11Ds)

Outsourced Payroll with exceptional service

Payroll is a business-critical function which is often time-consuming and can be problematic for management. Ensuring your staff are paid correctly and on time is essential to any business. With the administrative demands of keeping up with legislative changes, such as Real Time Information (RTI), data protection (GDPR), Auto Enrolment and maintaining systems and the staff to manage them, many businesses are now exploring the option of outsourcing their payroll.

As expert payroll providers, our team of specialists know and understand the legal and operational demands of the payroll function. Our processes have been designed to meet all your needs using our specialist knowledge to deliver an exceptional service.

From data entry to supplying pension provider feeds for auto enrolment, your entire payroll service function can be outsourced and managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Our wealth of experience covers the full spectrum of payroll requirements – including variations in payment period, zero hours, remote workers, multiple working locations, bonus payments, benefits in kind, student loan recovery, statutory sick pay, and termination payments. Our team’s highly-regarded experience means that we cannot only manage a payroll function of any size, but also offer payroll solutions of any complexity.

Payroll Providers

How our payroll services will benefit your business

Outsourced Payroll Services

Flexible payroll processes

As well as being reliable, a payroll service provider must be flexible, with a variety of integrated solutions to support payroll, HR and compliance needs. We understand that every client has different needs – we don’t limit you to strict deadlines and cut off dates but instead deliver our promise within your timescales.

It is important to be flexible with your business and any changes that may arise in the future. Inevitably some businesses will go through adjustments that will affect payroll, such as mergers and acquisitions, where pay will need harmonising and restructuring. We are committed to accommodating any such variations with minimal disruption within our payroll services and ensure a smooth transition.

Efficient payroll function

Our team prides itself on exceeding expectations and providing accurate payroll services within 24-36 hours of receipt. Our payroll and auto enrolment service will deliver an accurate, efficient, flexible and tailored solution to ensure we provide real value to your business.

By outsourcing your payroll function you can benefit from time and cost efficiencies involved with processing salaries, and calculating your PAYE liability. In addition you will not need to invest in payroll software and support fees or staff training.

Payroll Services
Payroll Services

Payroll Service Compliance

Every business must ensure their payroll function is compliant with legislation. With auto enrolment affecting more businesses, this is more important than ever. We have a solution that takes the hassle out of enrolment compliance and leaves you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Mistakes with payroll can be costly and not complying with HMRC could also result in potential fines. Mitigate your risk and save your business money by outsourcing your payroll services to our team of payroll specialists who utilise the latest technology and payroll software. Our dedicated team are up to date with all the latest and upcoming changes in regulations and policy to ensure you don’t have to be.

Our payroll process is HMRC compliant, BACs approved and meets auto enrolment regulations.

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